Top Tech Tips for the Courier Driver

When you choose to work as a courier driver, it can help you in the operational areas of your business to keep yourself updated with the latest tends and advances in technology. Here are a few top tips to make your available resources work better for you.

Keeping powered up

Although many devices that you use in your work life as a courier driver should have a pretty good battery life, sometimes you could use a boost. Sometimes you may inadvertently leave home without charging your Sat Nav or phone, so it’s valuable to have a way to power up on the road. Many of the best chargers no longer have a single lead to attach to a specific device and the best is one that runs off the cigarette lighter and has a USB dock, so that you can adapt it to fit any number of devices. If you need to charge something that runs off a standard plug, you’re are in luck as there is an array of chargers available that allow you to charge a traditional three-pronged plug – and sometimes you even get the bonus USB port too. But one thing to keep in mind is that chargers that allow you to power up larger items are a drain on your car’s electrical system, so be careful not to blow a fuse.

Getting to your destination

Sat Navs: there are few things more important to a courier driver these days. Sat Navs are the fastest way to get step-by-step directions from where you are to where you need to deliver your load. A standard Sat Nav can give you directions and can even tell you where nearby amenities are, but one of the best things to do is to pair the Sat Nav with an app that works out the best route to get you to your destination and allows for multiple drops. Something for the courier driver to keep in mind when comparing Sat Navs is the ability to update and upgrade the software inside; after all, it’s no fun finding yourself going the wrong way because your outdated Sat Nav can’t provide new routes.

Stay connected

Although most phones, tablets and Sat Navs are able to connect to Wi-Fi to give you directions and keep you in communication, if you find yourself without an Internet signal, you may find yourself in hot water. One of the best ways to get around this is to invest in a rechargeable device that provides its own Wi-Fi, although this could add to your total operating costs. Another option, should you find yourself without signal, is to invest in signal boosting technology to ensure you’re always able to get in touch with friends, familyFree Reprint Articles, and clients wherever you are.

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