Tike Tech Double Trouble Stroller

Having twins and strolling around the park or shopping in the mall is not a problem at all with the Tike Tech Double Trouble Stroller. Both of your little ones will be comfortable while they ride in style. The 5 point harness system is great for keeping your children safe but also comfortable. It is designed so they can sit up and look out and explore with normal movement without feeling squeezed. When they are ready for a nap each seat reclines independently so one baby can nap while the other is sitting up alert.

The sun canopy of the Tike Tech Double Trouble Stroller is really awesome. It is removable, has many different positions to ensure that the sun does not glare on your babies and a transparent window. The canopy also protects your infants during all types of weather, coldComputer Technology Articles, or rain. The very light weight aluminum frame is great for all terrains and the road series tires when give both of your babies a smooth ride even on cobblestone walkways or uneven sidewalks. The large moon canopy is also wonderful for allowing your children to view the sky and for you to take a peek while they are napping.

The bike style hand brake of the Tike Tech Double Trouble Stroller is a great feature for more added stopping power in a hurry and the rear parking brakes gives you a chance for your own break. You can lock the back brakes and sit down on the park bench and enjoy the quiet while your little ones are enjoying their naps.

The Tike Tech Double Trouble Stroller has quick release front wheel are designed to be removed with ease which allows for easy storage of stroller. The push button quick release rear wheel are designed to be removed with just as much ease and also helps with the easy storage of stroller. It is very easy to fold for storage or travel.

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