The Rise of the HRtech Professional

Hr tech is coming the way of marketing and sales technology. This means that the future HR profesisonal will need to be a lot more tech savvy and analytcial as well as much more.

The upcoming year, 2017 is dubbed by many “the year human resource technology will break its glass ceiling”. HR professionals are increasingly welcoming of new tech changing the way employee engagement, performance measurement, and data analysis are done. Not to worry though, the industry has already traversed the hardest part of this change and given it a name – Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).

But don’t let the name mislead you. IT departments are not measured by employee recruiting, retention, and engagement metrics. You are.

First off, let’s clarify: Technology is a friend of HR, not a foe. You’re not getting replaced by recruitment and engagement bots anytime soon. But, that doesn’t mean the future won’t require HR pros to adjust.

So what does this futuristic HR professional look like?

Welcome in HRtech

Human resources will always be about humans. But a plethora of technological solutions offer us smarter ways to sort through CVs, rate employee performance, and engage company employees across the globe. This vast selection can get confusing, and so when it comes to selecting and implementing HR technologies – many HR managers leave it to the IT department. Which is a mistake, as IT cannot fully assess the needs and goals of HR (no matter how hard they may try).

At the end of the day, the role of the HR technology professional is to find the perfect alignment of corporate strategy, HR goals and HR tech implementation. It’s no easy taskScience Articles, but it’s what the future demands.

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