The Latest Ranges of Scania Trucks

This is another in a series of articles that I am writing about major truck manufacturers and their latest offerings for UK haulage companies. This time, I’ll be looking at Swedish Scania trucks, which are no strangers to English roads.

The R Series

Scania trucks have a reputation for design quality. There is more to this than just looking good – it also means improving efficiency and profitability. The new R series carries on Scania’s tradition of streamlining to produce a range of trucks that not only look good but are also provide improved performance, greater driver comfort and reduced maintenance time.

Fuel economy is at the top of Scania’s priorities. They know that for all haulage companies, large or small, keeping fuel costs down is a vital part of that equation determining profitability. The R series packs in a host of features that are designed to cut your fuel costs, including the Scania Opticruise system, cruise control, cutting edge aerodynamics, and economy mode. Along with a low-drag gearbox, this gives a 7% percent saving on operating costs.

The R series has a Euro 6 V8 engine that provides high torque-low rev forces without harming the environment while giving you the power you need.

Responsible haulage companies place an emphasis on safety – so does Scania. EBS and ESP systems, tyre pressure monitoring are just three of Scania’s contributions to keeping your driver, your loads and the public safe.

Even the best trucks break down. The R Series is connected to Scania’s Communicator which monitors the vehicle’s systems. If you happen to break down, the R series truck can be diagnosed remotely.

The S Series

The latest S series models were launched in August 2016 and have been an instant success. In fact, they were voted International Truck of The Year for 2017. As with the R series, operating efficiency has been significantly improved – but there’s more.

The S series has three adjustable air deflectors to improve the alignment of the cab and trailer roof. Smaller gaps between the lights and other external components also help reduce drag.

The windscreen is now mounted flush to the cab and integrated auxiliary lights and end-marker lamps can be found above the windscreen. Mirrors have also been redesigned to optimize airflow and lessen drag.

Engines, as you would expect, are Euro 6-compliant and available from 410hp to 730hp. Redesigned powertrains, new fuel injection systems, redesigned combustion chambers and new cooling system help make the engine more efficient, more powerful and more reliable.

Scania have added a layshaft brake in the Opticruise AMT which reduces shift time by 45%.

Scania’s new cabs for the S Series are “mix & match”: you have endless ways to customise them to your needs. For drivers spending days on the road, comfort while driving and when taking a break is vital. It not only makes work easier – but also safer!

Scania’s V8 Engine Range

Scania’s range of groundbreaking V8 engines can be characterised by their outstanding uptime and exceptional reliability. Three different types of V8 engines are available, each in a range of configurations.


Well, as you would expect from a company like Scania, their trucks provide excellence across the board. All models can be extensively customised by using the many modular componentsFind Article, allowing you to practically build a truck that fits your needs like a glove.

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