Riders live experience E-drive version of the Toyota Smart

To highlight the Smart E-drive version to back the concept of accessible customer’s accessible Guangzhou Honda, Guangzhou Toyota, FAW Toyota, Changan Ford dealerships supporting pre-sales, sale, sale of a full range of value-added services, announced the smart E-drive version in addition to substantial cash discount in the standard guide price, especially by sending a full set of hardware, communication fee of 2 years and 2 years of TSP services, worth up to 28,500 yuan. Designed for the E-drive version of the smart especially with boutique packs folded with two ultra-low discount sales, the customer involved in a key to start smart key, and other high-value boutique personalization options. This new vehicle networking systems, vehicle cost-effective, generic quality to break the conventional way of selling the combination of the three, to establish the Smart E driving record in the same industry with the level of the car the most cost-effective records. Group marks accessible to the customer demand-oriented, by means of technology integration, marketing strategy has taken a solid step toward the car networking era, the times, the business philosophy of continuous achievements in customer value will win the respect of the same industry and the majority of customer trust!

    The number of dynamic technology At present, walking in the commercial vehicle networking systems of the most cutting-edge high-tech enterprise, market positioning car ICP experts in the mobile Internet. Open-end hardware design philosophy, the country’s leading car networking equipment suppliers and systems integrators. Owns four core brands –

    Number CloudCAR move, a vehicle information interactive terminal as a carrier, you can butt the traditional navigation DVD, Andrews vehicle terminal, LINUX car terminal, the x86 architecture CARPC. Relying on the 3G wireless network technology to achieve information exchange, through the “cloud computer” from a variety of channels of data to a centralized processing system. It is an open industry platform, the scope of a traditional Telematics services more broadly, with openness, compatibility, scalability and other features. This platform to the automotive manufacturers, dealers, mobile Internet industry, public administration and Telematics service system to provide support.

    The number of moving car cloud guards, based on 3G communications technology and CAN bus technology, CBS (CANBusBasedService) LBS (LocationBasedService) provided on-board value-added services, designed to provide auto dealers, owners, users remote vehicle diagnostics, safety aids and location services.

    Number to move INFIVE car networked terminal is a platform for information exchange in-car entertainment, mobile commerce, automotive service integration based on X86 architecture, running WINDOWSXP operating system-board computer, based on the vehicle network as the goal,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality.  set. It meets a wide temperature range under the conditions of low power, low fever, highly scalable, graphics, high-speed processing capability such as the automotive environment stringent requirements, along with the advantages of a lower total cost of ownership TCO and validation costs. System also has a strong openness to adapt to PC use of all softwareHealth Fitness Articles, hardware extensions.

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