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Naples Neograft Hair Transplant. A Better Image Better Life? Yes

The loss of hair causes a change in the appearance of men and women.
It almost always has a negative a effect on a persons self esteem. It
can be an extremely traumatic experience, especially for men, as the
image they were used to, changes through the loss of hair. It is for
this reason that many opt for hair transplant.

Naples Neograft hair transplant offers hair restoration with the
benefit of enhancing the appearance. Neograft is the latest greatest
ultra advanced method. This is an innovative way of doing hair
transplantation in Naples Florida.

Making Use of Neograft Hair Transplant

The process of hair restoration in Naples is a simple procedure.
This procedure is becoming increasingly popular. The reason for this is
that it does not leave scaring as the traditional methods have before.
Dr Roger Bassin MD who is also known as the ‘Hair MD’ says other than a ‘
miracle pill’ that grows hair. Neograft is the latest and greatest it
just does not get any better than the Neograft system. But Dr Bassin
cautions that many doctors have the Neograft but little experience. Its
like any other technology great in the hands of an expert not so good in
the hands of a novice.

Dr Bassin is a board certified medical doctor with offices
throughout Florida. He can be reached at 855-459-4247 and on the web at Tampa Hair MD.

The Process

This is an easy process when it is done with the NeoGraft machine.
Traditionally the hair follicle was removed in the old strip method
painful and always leaves a 5 inch scar.

Cost of hair Transplant ‘Neograft’ Hold on now you can afford it.

The cost of Hair transplant ‘hair restoration ‘Neograft’. The cost is minimal just a few thousand dollars.

Yes true it once cost from 7 to 25 thousand. Now we have better
technology which is less invasive. Better results and weigh less cost
from just 4 thousand. Yes for a few thousand dollars you can have your
hair back. The Neograft makes it easy. We use the finest experienced
personal in the business.

‘Neograft’ How does it work?

Neograft uses pneumatic pressure; the hair follicle is removed fast
without the need of a scalpel. The result is that there are no scars.
This is known as FUE (follicular unit extraction). The harvesting is
done from the back of the head and transplanted to where the bald areas
are in the front of the head.

The Success of Neograft Hair Transplant

Anyone with hair at the back of the head can have the procedure
done. Naples Hair Transplant is home of the Hair Doctor a Board
certified Medical Doctor that cares about your hair.

Because the procedure is done with a precise high tech machineFree Articles,
there is a better chance of getting a healthy and moist hair follicle.
This is what gives the hair follicle a better chance to grow.

Done correctly and by an expert at Hair Doctor Naples.There are only positives associated with Neograft hair transplant. Some of these positives are that there would be:

Hair Doctor Naples we care about your hair. In South Florida there
is a Board certified Medical Doctor in Naples who knows Hair
Transplantation. He cares about your Hair!

He will work with you to make the procedure affordable to everyone. Ok relax you are going to look great.

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