List Building Using News Releases – What to Ask Yourself


This is also known as the 4W’s and 1H principle. There are five W questions you must and one H question that must be answered in every newsworthy article. Famous newswriters know this by heart, and will not consider any other set of fact that does not satisfy or answer all the required questions. As you make your news release, may you be guided by this WWWWH strategy.Who am I targeting this to?The main thrust of your news release is the people you will be serving with it. It is no longer just about your target market. If you are making a news release, you are bringing it out into the world, into the open sea of possibilities.Some specific target would help narrow down your focus a bit. Is it classified under world news, some region in Asia or Europe? Remember that while news articles are universally similar, you will find some cultural deviations that you can inculcate in your news release. This might just affect the readability of your news release.What do I want to accomplish?What reactions are you planning to elicit in your readers if you make this press release? Aside from the more obvious reasons of making a news release, what are other underlying factors which would help you motivate yourself in accomplishing this news release? Do you have any deadlines for these results?When will I release it?Timing is of the element in any kind of endeavor. In the same way, you must properly plan when to give out your news release. You must be able to find a good time where it will have considerable attention and publicity, under the circumstances most favorable for you.Where will I post it? The question of when is also accompanied by the venue with which you choose to place it. Where will you post your news release? This is very important since you will be expecting some results. If you want to achieve good numbers from this one, then you must really post it in an area that is widely viewed by people you want to reach out with.How will I make best use of it? You own your news release. You decide what to do with it. And how will you make the best use of it depends on what targets you have set for yourself to begin with. If there are ways to be able to augment whatever you are to construct in your news release, then it will be so much the better.

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