Let Google News Send Free Traffic to You

It’s not necessary to be a news reporter for CNN or BBC to get significant traffic from Google News.
You need to work fast to stay up to date, though. Google typically retains
these news articles for 30 days so they’ll cycle out after that time.


To use the Google News search, type in the site first.
Once you’re there, enter keywords for what you want to find. The Google
approved sites relating to your keywords will pop up. The fewer responses you
see, the less popular things from your keyword are.


These page owners have indicated to Google that their
sites carry good news. If you feel that your site also carries good news
articles but isn’t included from your keyword search, submit it to Google for
approval. Once your site is approved by Google, you’ll get lots of traffic.


To submit a page for approval, on the home page,
you’ll find a link that says “about Google News” at the bottom of the page that
you need to click on. Go to FAQs from that page and to Question 26. You can
contact Google and recommend a news source if you select the first choice. If
your site carries up to date newsComputer Technology Articles, submit it to be approved. Don’t be
discouraged if your site is new and doesn’t get approved. Older sites get


You can use press releases if you want to be in Google
News. It doesn’t have to be written by professionals. These are reviewed by an
editing team and can be written in 10 to 15 minutes. All you need is a few
paragraphs. Then just submit it to PRWeb. This may bring some publicity and get
people looking at your site. Return to the home page and search for prweb.com.
There will be many pages that will pop up on Google News that people will see
your press release on.



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