Is A Trip to the Dentist in Your Future?


Have you been thinking about making an appointment with a veneers
dentist? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Cosmetic dentistry has been
rapidly gaining in popularity. This is because of all the technological
advances being made in the dental world as well as the fact that it is
now understood how a person’s appearance affects their success in life.
There’s no reason to go through life with unsightly blemishes upon tooth
enamel or a hidden smile because of being embarrassed.
Veneer is a layer of composite or porcelain which is positioned by a
dentist over a damaged or blemished tooth. Sometimes this layering is
done directly in a patient’s mouth while he or she reclines in a dental
chair. Other times the device is made in a lab and later attached. If
these products are to be attached later, it will be with an adhesive
such as resin cement.
These products were originally invented in California and used in
movies. Actors and actresses could change the appearance of their teeth
during the making of a film. Eventually, this idea caught on for the
mainstream population and technology improved to allow more permanent
use. By the early 1980’s, researchers had discovered ways to nearly
permanently attach dental veneers by using various compounds such as
resin cements. Eventually, however, these products will still wear out
and have to be replaced by a dentist. Typical problems that occur
include evidence of wear, discoloration and cracks.
Who are ideal candidates for this technique? Some individuals make great
candidates to fix a tooth that has broken or become jagged and
discolored. Certain medications can cause a discoloration to occur which
can be covered up as well. Other candidates are ideal for this method
due to unsightly problems that were genetic. Examples are tiny, narrow
teeth with large spaces in between or individuals with short teeth that
appear out of proportion. These products are also sometimes used instead
of orthodontia in order to make alignment appear to be straight.
Dentists used to use dental crowns in a similar manner for certain indications.
Covering a cracked surface, for example, could be accomplished by using a
crown. If discoloration is the problem, bleaching could tone down the
yellow or spottiness on the enamel as an alternative. Braces could
straighten smiles in a different way and would be accomplished by an
orthodontist. Dental braces come in a wide variety these days. Metal
“tin grins” are still an option, but so are alternatives such as
Invisalign, clear or brightly colored plastic bands. Invisalign is a
more rapid method of straightening smiles which entails the use of
removable trays.
So, is a veneers dentist in your future? If an individual is troubled by
malformed teeth due to genetics or cracked, discolored or jagged
choppers due to lifestyle, it might be a good option. Having a bright
and beautiful smile gives a person self confidence which may widen their
social circle, cause their self esteem to soar and even allow them to
be taken more seriously at work. Smiles are one of our most public
facial features. Not only visually, but for their statement of “I’m

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