HTC Legend has killer looks

Many of us often tend to confuse a HTC Legend with a HTC Hero. Both these mobiles though tend to look a little similar there are many features that can be easily spotted. This new gadget is a way improved version of the HTC HERO. The main difference is that the older versions of HTC mobiles used a LCD display screen but this phone uses an AMOLED screen.

The HTC Legend is a very soft and smooth phone to operate apart from the plastic buttons it has. The aluminum body case also gives it a very sophisticated look. The buttons are very trendy but are somewhat not matching to the softness the rest of the body has. The plastic battery cover acts as an antenna as well. The complete metal casing makes this phone very sturdy and compact. Instead of a usually used trackball this model of HTC is using an optical joystick. The optical joystick is much more accurate than a trackball is. The optical joystick makes it very easy to navigate from one screen to another inside the phone.

There are seven panes for a user to use, and a new Helicopter View function gives you a diminished view of all the seven panes as thumbnails. The user can pinch click on these thumbnails to get an enlarged view.There are a lot of changes in the software as well. The HTC Legend uses Android 2.1. The mail application of this operating system has under gone a lot of modifications to fit into this new mobile.  This gadget has a better synchronization between the mails, contacts and now even calendar.

The calendar itself has undergone a few changes like now it displays all the reminders and appointments in a single list which earlier had to be traversed from month to month.The HTC Legend has a very sturdy battery to support its functioning. It operates on a battery of 1300 mAh which is exceptional. This battery has the capacity to go on till four hundred and forty minutes for WCMDA talk time or for four hundred and ninety minutes of GSM talk time. It has a standby capacity of 560 hrs for WCMDA and 440 hrs for GSM.

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