High Tech Pet Products Make Dog Care A Walk In The Park

5am in the morning. You’re sleeping, comfortable, warm. Outside it’s drizzling
and 24 degrees. Last month, you would have had to drag yourself out of bed to
take the dog out because the pet door you used to have let in not only your
pets, but also all the neighborhood raccoons and anyway, the dog kept digging
under the fence to escape to better worlds.. Today, the dog gets up, lets
himself out through the automatic pet door, goes into the electronically fenced
yard, does his business and comes back in on his own. If you like this
scenario, you can have it with the world of high tech pet products on the
market today. No longer do you have to drag yourself out of your warm bed at 5
am to walk the dog in miserable weather, or worry about your dog when you have
to pull a late night at the office. If you own a few key pet products that are
offered today, you can keep sleeping or working, while your dog takes care of

dog in the story let himself out through an electronic pet door, of which there
are many to choose from. Most are activated by a chip implanted under the dog’s
skin, or a collar that has a magnet attached to it, unlocking a flap for the
dog to walk through. One on the market is actuated by a collar worn by your dog
which powers a motor that lifts the door into the top panel, lowers it once the
dog is through, locking it securely in place. If you decide to invest in an
electronic pet door, when choosing your door, keep in mind all the elements
that are important to you, such as how you want it to open, who you want to
keep out, (such as the neighborhood raccoons), and what kind of climate you live
in. These are important elements to consider because the companies offering
electronic doors offer vastly different features.

your dog has exited the house through his electronic door, you can keep your
pet safe in the yard by an underground electronic fence. No more digging under
the traditional chain link to escape. Again, there are several on the market,
and again, if you decide to invest in an underground fence, do your homework
and choose wisely. There are some that have transmitters that are designed for
indoors only, and others whose transmitter can be kept outside. Some offer
lighter gauge wire than others, and wire is an important element since it will
be buried and the last thing you want to do is start digging it up because of
breakage. Some have collars powered with traditional collar batteries, while
others offer collars with rechargeable batteries. This will be more important
if you have more than one dog since buying batteries for several collars can
get expensive. All these elements are important considerations before
purchasing your electronic fence and will make a huge difference in your future

you decide to also invest in one or more of the myriad pet training devices,
your dog can also be the best-behaved in the neighborhood. There are bark
control collars and pet training collars or hand held devices that can save the
cost and hassle of traditional dog training classes. When choosing your bark
collar, keep in mind that you may not want all barking stopped and some bark
collars deliver stimulus for any audible sound, while others detect the type of
bark, delivering stimulus for nuisance barking only, while withholding it for
protective barking.

if you already own a dog and are sick and tired of the work involved each day,
or if you’ve thought about owning a dog but don’t think you have the time, it’s
still work of course, but much less than in the past. If you know what’s on the
market and do your homeworkArticle Search, you can own high tech pet products that transform
your dog’s life – and yours into a walk in the park.

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