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Indian media delivers all kinds of news sport, politics, entertainment etc. Sports news in India mainly consists of cricket as this sport is worshiped by almost all of India. In present times people need instant update on all the happenings in the world of sport and today’s sports news is all about its novelty. People are not willing to watch or read about yesterday’s happening, they need to know what’s going on in the field minute by minute. They want to know what kind of lifestyles are lead by their sport icons, they want to know into the sportsman’s life and Indian sports news provides them with all that. Newspapers have dedicated a few pages especially for sports news where they publish news about how a game went the other day, interviews and news about emerging players and timetable table for matches. People read newspapers to get a full report on the updates or snippets they come across on television or on their mobiles. Television media is preferred for quick updates on the highlights of a match or any new development. Anything from a match to a player’s injury to a development in the player’s life is considered as sports news India. India has developed with time and with the rapid growing popularity of internet makes internet news a new medium for them to get their sports news India news updates. If one cannot catch a match on television due to some prior engagements or work they can realy on mobile updates and internet websites to get a minute to minute development of a game and match scores. With the progress of science the human kind has been introduced with devices that make it possible for everyone to gain information about anything without giving up the comfort of their couch. Internet has not only brought the world closer but also made getting news from around the world easier. Indians today can follow their favourite football team playing matches on the other side of the globe sitting in their living rooms. Indian sports news now also consists of world sports. In the newspapers a few columns are dedicated for world sports. Today’s sports news is easily accessible and there are various mediums through which fans connect with other fans. Internet offers people with forums where they can discuss their sports and also express their grievances. Sport news in India has developed a lot over the time.
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