Cooperate with to Overcome Difficulties

is a reliable independent  electronic components distributor who has won trust of both buyers and suppliers in this field. Being
an influential enterprise, Chuangxinda Electroncs-tech Co., Ltd. has its own
principles—“Good Credit; Fast Delivery; Reliable Quality; Competitive Price and
Professional Service”, which keep it always competitive in the electronic
components market.

in providing electronic partsChuangxinda Electronics-tech Co., Ltd. mainly
offer its customers plenty of famous brands, including IR, ST, XLINX, ALTER,
AD, INTEL, CYPRESS and so on. Since it is a credit firm and providing quality
products together with best service, the company does its business well at home
and abroad. As for the foreign trade, it focuses on the European, American and
Asian markets, especially.

foreign trade for most of companies is not an easy business, and Jian, manager
of Chuangxinda Electronics-tech Co., Ltd., thinks so. “After years’ business
operation, we have accumulated rich experience in components trading. However,
we still face some difficulties in doing the foreign trade, such as, difficulty
of developing new clients, requirements of low price with high quality products
as well as greatly influenced by foreign economic situation and so on.” Jian

With the
coming of, a professional B2B platform for electronic components
trading, many suppliers on this platform become more confident in doing the
foreign trade, and Jian is not an exception. “Firstly, is supported by
government and an outstanding group, Huaqiang Holdings Limited. And then, its
structure, backstage and functions are really good enough now. Since it is very
good and its supporters are powerful, I believe it will be well-known all over
the world soon. So, I believe is a good platform for me to do foreign
trade better.” Jian further added.

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