7 Options to Get Free online Computer Help

Many instantly call or take their computer to a professional technician, which is often very costly and sometimes unnecessary. There are many free resources that are available to find help for any type of desktop or laptop computer problems or issues.

7 Places to Get Free Online Computer Help

1. Computer Help Files

Often times, the best place to get help is in the actual computer help files that come with every system and operating system. They are made to not only guide users in the functions of their systems, but are also great resources to solve common problems and issues.

Inside help files, there is a section called “Troubleshooting”, which usually comes in the form of a wizard that guides you through solving any issues. Many computers also have scan functions that will scan certain areas of the drive and hard disk for any internal issues and diagnosis.

2. Product Manuals

Every computer comes with an owner’s manual where there are troubleshooting pages, which highlight typical issues and fixes.

3. Manufacturers Websites

There is tons of computer support available at the manufacturers websites. There are also copies of manuals available, software and hardware guides as well as, email, live chat and toll free phone numbers of support.

4. General Tech Forums

The online forums are some of the best places to get answers to computer issue questions. There are tech pros moderating and answering questions and offering guidance, as well as a large member pool of people ready to offer help and support. This help is 100% free and can really be an invaluable tool for your computer problems.

5. Online Answer Sites

The online answer sites have thousands of members that answer posted questions on a variety of topics, including, computer and laptop issues. Some of the best answer sites that have a large membership base are, Yahoo Answers, Mahalo, and Wiki Answers.

6. Plain Old Google Search

It is amazing how good Google is at returning an accurate search results for specific keywords. Enter specific keywords in to the Google search or an even better option is a detailed statement for your problem, for example, computer is turning on and off without on its own, and get tons of listings of the pages that have content related to the topic.

7. Computer Stores

Any computer store has salespersons that are usually knowledgeable about the products they sell. There is also Geek Squad, which is the computer repair support that is now at all Best Buy stores. And if you can go back to the store where you purchased then you will probably get even better and more detailed service being that you are a customer. This should be a last resort, unless the problem is with a defect issue open the computer.

Free computer assistance is easy to findFind Article, it’s really about asking
questions and doing some research before spending the money that a
technician will charge you for repair or diagnosis.

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