3D Technology: Is It Remarkable Enough To Make You Take It Home?


This question has much boggled the minds of many entertainment industry people!May be because, the first mega event that was produced in 3D was last year’s Football World Cup and football isn’t a good way to show the capabilities of 3D TV technology, in fact most of the out door sports won’t prove good example for perfectly show the wonder of this wonderful technology. This is because the views of the matches are shot in wide angle so that the entire field can be captured well and for this the cameras are placed on the top of the stadium. One can think about the ambience that three dimensional coverage of a sport can create. You feel as if you are in the ground and playing among the players around you. Wow, what a glory! You feel that your favorite players are in your drawing room! But the whole experience gets marred because of wrong placement of the cameras. Well, the coverage of the last year’s World Cup was more like experimentation.  The first few matches weren’t very attractive but semi-finals were much better, as by the time the game reached semi-finals the director and the camera persons had learned where to place the camera and how to adjust the shots for better coverage. Still more development is needed to make 3D Technology a big hit and great fit in the drawing rooms of the consumers. A lot of work is going on to make the 3D TV a mainstream product like the simple TV sets. Right now not many programs are being shot using this lively technology. But 3D movies are enough for the time being to persuade customers to buy the technically advanced TV sets.It is believed that till the time more events, programs, and shows will be shot using the latest scientific technology, two market segments will help providing users to it. These two market segments are namely, Gaming Industry and the Adult Industry. 3D games create really powerful impact on the players. It makes the entire experience real, dynamic, and powerful. It appears sure that players will take home the special TV sets for better gaming experience. In the past, when VCR came up, the adult industry was the biggest user of the technology then. This time too, it will sure take the advantage of the latest technological development in boosting its market. It is believed that in coming 12 to 18 months, 3D TV shows will be hitting the channels at a really fast pace just like the other normal programs that we get to watch on TV. And then owning a 3D TV wouldn’t appear wastage of home space and money to the consumers.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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