3D Technology: A Glimpse into Its History


The success ignited a spark of innovation in the world of electronic gadgets. As the electronic device market has got flooded with several products that use 3D technology…So you have 3D TV, 3D mobiles, 3D games, and so on in the market now.But any idea when these technically innovative stuffs first hit the market exactly? Do you think they have just arrived in the scene? It may be amazing for you if you haven’t heard or read about it before but the technology had hit the market much before even though it gained all its popularity now!The present popularity is because of the technical advancement which wasn’t then when 3D made its first appearance. 3D imaging came to life in the 19th century itself, though it was not at all sophisticated as it is today and was at rather a nascent stage. At that time, the imaging wasn’t as it is done today and instead a kind of illusion was being created for which pair of two dimensional images were shot from slightly different angles and then the depth perception of the brain was enhanced for which either a viewing device similar to binoculars or lenticular paper were used.Then with gradual improvement of technology, there came 3D glasses which had the ability to create the illusion of three dimensional images. However, the illusion could only be created when the viewer looked at anaglyphic images through the glasses. The technology really had enormous potential and it is believed that the glasses led to the creation of the first films using the three dimension technology.The popularity that this science achieved was first recorded in 1950s but since it was at a little too basic stage, it brought in certain side effects like queasiness, head aches, confusion, etc which soon decreased its initial popularity. But with the advent of IMAX technology, 3D movies again gained popularity in 1990s.Even the three dimensional video games aren’t totally a new concept. The first games developed using 3D technique like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy came into being way back in 1995. Though Nintendo couldn’t get any success from the project and the product was removed from the market within a year.As it is said that science and its inventions are never complete and are always at a developmental stage, so it is with this wonderful science. Today we get to enjoy 3D movies at home, play wonderful 3D games and in the coming days XBOX and Nintendo are bringing some more sophisticated games for us, but we never know how further the technology may reach in the future.Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

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