Learn More About IPS Cells

”;  It has created buzz around in the world of scientific medicine. If you want to learn more about these cells, then you have come to the right place, from where you are going to learn about the facts related to this technology. Induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs) are basically Continue Reading

Smart Roles of Smartphone Mobile

”; A smartphone mobile is a phone built on mobile computing platforms, with more advanced mobile computing abilities than basic mobile phones. Think of any daily communication task and your smart phone will do it for you. Whether you want to browse the internet, know about the stock prices or Continue Reading

The Ever-Changing Face of Elearning

In elearning, computer technology is the medium of instruction. Here, no face – to face interaction takes place between an instructor and a learner. This term covers all the instructional material which is delivered through CD-ROM, DVD, internet or Local Area Network (LAN). Computer based training (CBT) is when instruction Continue Reading