Why Have A Psychic Reading

Human beings have always been curious to know what the future holds for them and they go to whatever source they can find to get some guidance or any kind of reassurance that the future would be as anticipated. For this purpose the most enlightening tool available is the Tarot Continue Reading


It’s the bane of every traveler – you arrive at the airport in plenty oftime, only to discover that your flight has been cancelled and you’vebeen placed on the next available plane, which isn’t departing foranother three hours. So much for your tight schedule; you’ll never makeit now. Cancelled flights, Continue Reading

Are you sleep deprived?

We live in a high tech world that simply operates 24/7, so a lot of us are sleep deprived. Many cities such as my own city of Portland,Oregon, now have supermarkets, drugstores, video stores and restraunts that are open 24 hours a day. The people who operate these stores plus Continue Reading